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The Gay Husband Checklist for Women Who Wonder - Bonnie Kaye I wonder how much thought went into a title as offensive as this...

I checked out her website, and it seems that she councils couples where the woman finds out much too late that their husbands are gay.

As the wife of a gay-man-in-the closet herself, one can understand her pre-occupation with 'finding out' if a potential partner is gay or not.

But how about she rather writes a book investigating the entire issue of why it should be necessary to find out via a checklist if a person is gay or not, and of why society is persecuting gay people to the extent that they have to live such an elaborately deceptive life that you have to make use of a checklist to find out if they are gay or not.

Actually, she does seem to give some advice that isn't too bad... check out what she says here:

Still, gee, I think she could have chosen her title better.
...and that there should even be a book or a website or a councillor like this, just shows how 'traditional' mores are hurting society and are hurting PEOPLE.