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Porn for Women - Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative, Susan Anderson I haven't read this yet, but the cover illustration already tells me this is just a little joke. To be quite honest, if we straight women did per occasion feel like checking out some eye-candy and ogling any sexy hot hunks, we have to head straight over to the gay male shelves... there just truly doesn't seem to be anything on the market for straight females.

I'm pretty sure it's just as healthy for females to enjoy looking at attractive male bodies as it apparently is for males looking at females' bodies... but cultural conditioning or whatever it is, wags its little finger at females and tells us that we're above looking. Well, why should we be? Why can one not appreciate the human body for the beautiful piece of art it can be? I've often looked at (ok then, bought) pin-up calenders intended for gay males, and thought the guys looked pretty hunky. Some look sexy and smouldering, some have a hint of vulnerability, some are sculpted so finely you would think a Michelangelo molded them, and it's good to look at, like any natural scene or artistic arrangement.

I think what I am trying to rally for here, is not PORN as in people humping one another, but I want to have calenders of semi-naked male pinups ostensibly aimed towards women! One that is tastefully enough done that I can keep it around without feeling embarrassed, but that shows some male skin, hair, muscle and teeth. And eyes! Crinkly, smiling eyes - I love those. Yeah, yeah, I realize that most of the models will probably be ones walking right across the passage from the gay studio, but I don't care! I only want to look at a beautiful face and body now and then, just like any man does too...

..and no, I don't mean in poses fully clothed busy doing housework... whoever got the idea that housework is sexy? I'd like one draped over a motorbike, one on the beach, on on the rocks, one lying stretched on a beach chair with palms waving in the background, an exotic cocktail in his hand, sweat beading lightly on his naked chest...and some chests must be hairy as well as some nice clean-cut ones; from smoky smouldering dark male beauts to icy Nordic blonde ones...


I guess misdirected prudishness will forever rule and we'll never get to see a pinup calender for girls. :(

PS. Some men who have read this said I must try and encourage more women to look at images of attractive hunks since that might make women generally less uptight about males looking at pics of attractive females.

I'm trying, guys, I'm trying, but the women don't seem to be biting. Though I have a female friend from another website and I had some female friends at work who used to enjoy looking at hunky pics with me. (Well, we didn't always have the same taste, but we all enjoyed looking!) So I know I'm not alone! Perhaps just more vocal than most. ;)