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Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell I enjoyed the film that was spawned by this book. I haven't had time to read the book, partly due to time constraints, and partly because I disliked the style in the first chapter.

Something worries me more than the divisiveness of this particular book, though. It is the idea that some people seem to have here on Goodreads, that they have the last say on what is "allowed" to be said about a book, and that, if we are Goodreads friends, we have to all agree about how we feel about a particular book.

That, people, is BS plain and simple.

I reserve the right to say exactly what I want to about a book, and if Amazon won't allow me, I will post that opinion elsewhere.

But NObody tells me what to do anymore. Not anymore. My parents had that prerogaritive for a long time, but I'm all grown up now, and I will say EXACTLY WHAT I WANT to, about which book I want to.

Sue me.