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Swann's Way
Marcel Proust, Lydia Davis
Snow Country
Yasunari Kawabata, Edward G. Seidensticker
Proust's Way: A Field Guide to In Search of Lost Time
Roger Shattuck
The Mind At Night: The New Science Of How And Why We Dream
Andrea Rock
The Magic Mountain
Thomas Mann, John E. Woods
Semiotics and the Philosophy of Language (Advances in Semiotics)
Umberto Eco
Persona: A Biography of Yukio Mishima
Naoki Inose, Hiroaki Sato
The Inquisition of Climate Science
James L Powell
State of the World 2013: Is Sustainability Still Possible?
The Worldwatch Institute
Media Studies: Texts, Institutions and Audiences
Lisa Taylor;Andrew Willis
The Environmental Ethics and Policy Book: Philosophy, Ecology, Economics - Donald Vandeveer, Christine Pierce The book would have received a 5 star rating from me if it had been more up to date. However, environmentalism is a time sensitive subject, and most of the texts included in this anthology date from the mid-nineteen nineties.

On the scientific front, we know quite a bit more than we did then. However, many of the prophecies in the book have turned out to be as spot-on as can be expected. Also, it is a nice introduction into the issues, and presents quite a nice scope of the various approaches to environmental philosophies.

Be that as it may, I would rather recommend something more up-to-date to anyone interested in the field.