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The Children of the Sea: A Tale of the Forecastle - Joseph Conrad This edition of Nigger Of The Nostromo offers an alternate, more PC title to that of the original, which makes sense to me, since the N-word in the other title actually only became the nasty word it is today, in the interim since Conrad had published this.

I'd never read this before, I suspect partly because of it's offensive original title. I'm curious about it though, since I've heard that Conrad did not wrote it as a racist work. Of course, I personally don't think he meant to write Heart of Darkness as a racist work either, though there are those who differ about that.

I'd like to throw out big question marks as to why on earth the N-word has not been censored out of the original title. Having a word in the text of a book, is not quite the same as having it in the title. Perhaps simply because it is part of the oeuvre of a great writer, and thus has become too well known by it's original title, and has become a part of the Western canon known by that title?